Polish eco-innovation in the fight for the environment

The patented technology the company uses for production is a global innovation that cares for the environment. On Thursday we will be celebrating International Car Free Day, and last week we celebrated International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer. Both initiatives are particularly close to Saddar’s heart. This is because it specializes in the production of innovative, environmentally friendly building elements, including SADDAR Eco-cottones, which are used to build fences, terraces, photovoltaic installations, playgrounds or beehives, among other things.

How is Saddar protecting the planet?

For the production of the Saddar Eco-cotva, the company uses, among other things, recycled PET bottles. One Saddar Eco-cotva is as many as 20 used PET bottles. Thanks to their recyclability, they do not end up in a landfill or incinerator, but get a second life. In addition, Saddar Eco-cotts can be recycled into new eco-products. In this way, the company implements the idea of a closed-loop economy model, which is fundamental in the company’s operations. The base raw material PET comes from recycling mainly plastic bottles of mineral water or carbonated beverages, and is an important factor in protecting the environment and transforming plastic post-consumer or post-production waste into a full-fledged new product, which replaces a more expensive one made of steel and whose manufacture requires the consumption of a large amount of energy and non-renewable minerals, while being a harmful burden on the environment, especially the atmosphere. Saddar’s final products are 100% recyclable. The PET bottle composite from which Saddar products are made is durable and weatherproof, so it will never rust. In addition, the company uses a patented system in its eco-anchors that makes it possible to adjust the level of seating in the ground without removing the anchor.