Creating a company is not
a sprint. It’s a marathon.

Dariusz Sadowiński,
Innovator & CEO

SADDAR is a family-owned company operating successfully for over 30 years on the Polish and international markets. In
2004, the founder of the company, Mr. Dariusz Sadowiński, developed and implemented into
production an original project on a global scale – the SADDAR composite
Eco-anchors system based on a proprietary design and an innovative idea of using the glass fibre reinforced PET
composite in the production process. The product had not just set new directions of the company’s business
development, but above all it became the industry star, gaining recognition among customers all over
the world.


The basic raw material – PET plastics – used for production comes from the recycling of plastic bottles, thus placing the production process of SADDAR Eco-anchors and the company among organizations that are highly committed to respecting the natural
environment and operating according to the principles of a circular economy. The system
solutions offered by SADDAR are widely used, among others as mounting components of
fencing systems, in wooden garden architecture, photo voltaic farm systems or in the civil construction industry. The anchors may be driven, screwed-in and screwed-down to almost
any type of ground or surface. They are widely used in the EU and the USA. Installation is quick and environmentally friendly: with no cement or the need to adapt the ground using heavy equipment. If necessary, the systems may simply be moved to another location without any damage to the environment.

The hegemony of steel anchor manufacturers and suppliers that was the case hitherto has been successfully broken by the original solution of the Polish company

PHU SADDAR Dariusz Sadowiński – conquering Western Europe and the United States.

Our goal is to provide an ideal eco-friendly product that will make a significant
contribution to the environment protection. With a production rate
of 1.5 million units per year and a consumption of 20 bottles per Eco-
anchor, we can recycle as many as 30 million plastic bottles.

Our story:
Transforming an idea into the


1999 Establishing PHU SADDAR. In the initial period, the activity is focused on the
production of movable and fixed steel structures as well as the production of school
furniture and specialized equipment for teaching rooms. The company also provides
design services, interior design and public facilities comprehensive furnishing services, as
well as services in the field of renovation and construction.


2004 After 5 years of activity however, the founder of the company Dariusz Sadowiński
begins work on a unique project to create the world’s first SADDAR Eco- anchor manufactured using composite made of waste PET bottles.


2005 The work brings initial results, and the first model of the composite SADDAR Eco-anchor is registered by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.


2006 In less than two years from the start of implementing the idea, SADDAR boasts its first
sales successes. On the domestic market, the products are available in the retail chains Praktiker Polska and Leroy Merlin Polska. The conquest of foreign markets begins as
well – SADDAR Eco- anchors are exported to the Netherlands.


2012 The Kingfisher retail chain joins the group of SADDAR products’ resellers, and initial
deliveries go to the shelves of Castorama Polska.


2014 Along with the sales success, the company develops its production capacity and launches a production plant in Marki near Warsaw, specialized in the production of


2015 The care for the high quality of products results in developing a new, super-durable type of SADDAR Eco-anchor. The world’s first composite Eko – anchor able to bear the weight of an adult male. In 2015, the company develops sales on European markets and starts cooperation with the Bauhaus, Hagebau, Globus chains in Germany and launches deliveries to the Danish and Austrian markets.


2016 SADDAR initiates expansion into other European countries. Thanks to the cooperation
with Gardenas BV, initial deliveries for HUBO Belgium are made. Cooperation with 4IQ
Group results in deliveries to retail chains in the Baltic countries (Bauhof). SADDAR Eco-anchors are also delivered to Romania (Dedeman). 2016 is also the year of 10th anniversary of deliveries to the Dutch market and cooperation with ToopWood – Gouderak – OUTDOORLIFE


2017 SADDAR Eco- anchor is provided with the patented Stress Distribution System – SDS
and the SHR System (Screw Holes Reinforcement with a special composite sprue). 2017 is also a year of intense foreign expansion. Other European countries join the group of SADDAR products’ recipients, namely: Lithuania, Estonia, France, Czech Republic and Slovakia. On the domestic market SADDAR Eco- anchors become available at
stores called PSB MRÓWKA, Merkury Market, RCMB Majster. Further customers appear
on the German market. The conquest of the American continent and initial deliveries to Canada are a huge success as well. In total, SADDAR products are available on two continents: in 15 European countries, at stores of 26 retail chains; in North America at The
Home Depot in Canada.


The new logo of Saddar


2018 SADDAR company starts the research and development project called “Innovative range of proprietary SADDAR Eco anchors with different properties and applications” financed by the EU funds. The models developed as part of the project undergo
registration in the Patent Office.


Taking part in “The Buildings Show” in Toronto as part of the national stand organized
by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.


2019 Carrying out another investment project called “Implementation of the proprietary SADDAR Eco- anchor range as a result of R&D study” financed by the EU funds.


2020 The company augments its machinery in the production plant in Marki. The investment
allows to meet the growing demand for SADDAR products and increase production
capacity to the level of 2.5 – 3.0 million eco-anchors per year. A new series of eco anchors – Giganto anchors – comes on the market as well. It gives the composite eco- anchors a new dimension. In 2020, successful breaking into the American market takes place as well. SADDAR signs a contract with the leading US retail chain in the DIY Home & Garden
branch – Menard Inc.


2022 Very intensive year from the beginning, we enlarge our team, increase sales and gain
new markets. SADDAR Eco-anchors go to French stores called Brico Marche and SADDAR
subsidiary on the Spain and Portugal markets is established in Barcelona.


2023 SADDAR becomes a beneficiary of the program called Polish Technology Bridges
carried out by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency to support the implementation of the plan of commercial expansion on the American market.