Nasz autorski unikalny projekt w skali światowej – kompozytowa Eko-kotwa SADDAR oparta jest na zastrzeżonej konstrukcji i innowacyjnej idei wykorzystania do jej produkcji specjalnie przez nas opracowanego modyfikowanego i zbrojonego włóknem szklanym  kompozytu PET o podwyższonej udarności.

The basic PET raw material used for production comes from recycling and is an important
environmental protection constituent, as well as contributes to the transformation
of waste plastics into a new product of full value. The use of recycled PET bottles is
our contribution to saving the planet.

Our activities are consistent with the assumptions of closed- circuit economy, also
known as the circular economy. It is an economic model of the future in which
resources circulate in a closed loop. All our products are made from PET raw material,
which comes from recycled plastic bottles. The composite produced in this way is
widely used in the production of SADDAR Eco-anchors and has various applications in
the construction industry as well. Each of our products may be recovered and
processed into a composite and be given a second or even third life. Similarly, in the
circular economy, the useful economic life of products is a closed cycle that may be
repeated indefinitely – at least in theory.

On our finite planet, raw material resources are limited, and we have practically no
space for throwing waste away. Today, apart from limited natural resources,
climate changes are another limitation that must not be neglected.

The closed-loop economy is the answer to these challenges. In the closed loop, the end
of a product’s life cycle is also the beginning of a new product’s life cycle. In terms of our
Eco-anchors, the end of life cycle of a plastic bottle gives origin to the composite from which
we manufacture products with a wide range of applications. In other words, all waste is used and its added value
is maximized.

We use as many as 20 PET bottles for each Eco-anchor.