for fixing fence posts into a ground

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SADDAR companies produce & distribute groundbreaking ecological products SADDAR® ECO - ANCHORS for fixing wooden and steel square & round fence posts into the ground.
Our eco-anchors are manufactured of PET material specially constructed by ourselves. It is crystalized, chemically modified & glass fiber reinforced with high impact resistance, ridigity & tensile strenght.
The shapes and dimensions have been designed so that the key functional poits are six times thicker than with steel sheet anchors.
We succesfully compete not only by quality & innovation of our products, but also in terms of delivery times & selling prices.
We supply or products of leading DIY chain stories and purchasing groups in the EU.

SADDAR® ECO-ANCHORS far outweigh steel products by:
- better mechanical resistance that steel anchors
- perfectly resistance to snow, ice, rain - never corrode
- all manufacturing in Poland - quick just-in-time delivery quaranteed
- ability to demonstrate the pro-enviromental attitude by offering perfectly recycled green products (regranulated PET used for manufacturing reduces CO² emission
- recycling of products reduces the enviromental impact of used PET bottles.

SADDAR® eco-anchors are products with propriety enginnering solutions & protected by intellectual property rights.
The creator of SADDAR eco-anchors PET and entitled to the exclusive rights yhe property is owner PHU Saddar - Dariusz Sadowiński.


With the huge demand for packaging made of PET there was a problem littering the environment on a global scale. Postconsumer PET bottles made from getting into the environment as threatening nature mega tons of plastic and one bottle in the environment degrades several hundred years.

This created a demand for solutions for waste treatment (recycling). The increase in environmental awareness is the potential for eco-friendly products, which are eco-anchor made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

Due to our enviromentally friendly manufacturing and ethicel policy SADDAR® eco-anchors were recognized as closed loop products and rated as very good.

About us

SADDAR company concentrates on natural environment, pursuing its mission of nature protection.

Deteriorating conditions of natural environment affect all of us and create greatest challenge for present society.

Our mission is supply perfectly green products to contribute to respect of the enviromental.

Apart from SADDAR® eco-anchors Saddar companies offer:

- waste management service, with waste received from producers or recyclers and next of this waste we manufacture regranulates material which can be used in many industries, for example: construction, electronics, packaging.

- We specialize in production coposites structural material and moulding details of non - standard materials.

- We also offer recycling post-consumer PET bottles.