An aim of the responsible business is to change the world for the better

Nasza misja - SADDAR Conscientious enterprise views its operations not only from the perspective of its own interests but also of its environment. Businesses must recognize the need for the monitor of the changing environment and adapt their operations to the current wilder requirements. Among all of the economic factors SADDAR choose to focus on the natural environment. Respect for the natural environment is a part of our mission. Degradation of the environment is among the key problems of today's society. It is becoming one of the greatest problems for us and for the future generations.

This brings about serious ethical challenges for each of us. The European Union imposes directives obliging member states to implement rational and disciplined waste management policies to avoid destruction of the environment.

We have to remember that it takes hundreds of years for a PET container to degrade!

Our aim is to deliver excellent ecological product which contributes to the protection of the environment and, at the same time, ensure customer’s satisfaction for a long, long time.

By focusing on the recycling PHU SADDAR i SADDAR Sp. z o.o. attempt to fulfill their mission of environmental protection. Issues connected with ecology generate new challenges for the brand managers. Challenges of the key importance: do we want to be a leader in this field or do we wait for somebody else’s “green” indicative and follow in their footsteps?

Promotion of SADDAR Bolt down Post Supports and SADDAR eco-Fence Posts Spikes made from recycled materials should be used by us and our partners as a tool for building brand awareness. By engaging our customers in the matters of environment and its protection we can help them to modify their habits and propagate more environmentally aware behavior. Such an activity allows our business partners to introduce new qualities to their customers and new opportunities for their business.

Such a message should be, on the one hand, creative and, on the other, a very simple one. Information about how much of a recycled material goes into every post spike or post support can be communicated in both meaningful and a compelling way (by pointing out, for example, to how many PET bottles were “recovered” from the environment to produce one, ten, or a million of SADDAR products.

Even if we treat recycling as a technology of the future, it’s a future that will inevitably happen… It will be imposed upon us by the EU regulations or pro-ecological attitudes of the customers.

Ecological awareness could also be strengthened through the increased engagement and activity of the designers of the commercial chain stores in offering a bigger range of green products to the customers.