Innovations & Patents


Our expertise allows us to implement the most advanced of projects from the concept stage to the realization.

We develop projects in following fields:

  • Research & development leading to formulation of new technological solutions,
  • Modifications of composition of thermoplastic materials including those with added mineral and plant compounds,
  • Implementation into production process of the new products,
  • Implementation into production process of the existing products with modifications aimed at improved parameters and properties.


SADDAR Eco-Fence Post system is copyright protected.
Production of eco-post spikes involved new technology of manufacturing high resistance PET plastic modified with few chemical components and reinforced with glass fibers.
Shape and dimensions were designed by the inventor in such a way that:
  • thicker profiles were implemented in places responsible for shock resistance, rigidity and shearing strength.
  • in relevant places our eco-post spikes are several times thicker than steel anchors.
In effect we achieved:
  • SADDAR eco-post spike with 50% lower maximum internal stresses level which means that it also has much higher durability than steel post spikes.
  • higher resistance than post spikes welded from sheet steel.

Industrial design right no: RCD 002595843-0001 to RCD 002595843-0015, 001254528-0001, 001254528-0002
Patent no: P.419267
2018 – Registration in Patent Offices of various proprietary-solutions of the new models of SADDAR eco-post spikes formulated during the European Fund R&D project “Innovative range of proprietary SADDAR eco-post spikes of various properties and purpose”.

SDS (Stress Distribution System):

System SDS
  • SDS system means specially designed impact resistant parts of the spike’s socket.
  • SDS system means increased thickness of spike’s blades for added tensile strength, bending strength, impact resistance.
  • SDS system means prevention of accumulation of impact stresses at the bottom of the socket.
  • SDS system means transfer of impact stresses to the blades of the spike and less chances of damage of the post spike.

SHR (Socket’s screw holes reinforced with additional material)

System SHR Walls and screw holes of post spikes sockets are reinforced with special composite ridges. Those ridges serve to:
  • increase stability of the post in the post spike’s socket.
  • increase stability of screws and the strengthen the screw/post junction.
  • reinforce post mounted in the socket against side forces.
  • improve appearance of the fastenings.