We work for the protection of the environment

High demand for containers produced from PET led to a littering of the environment which reached global proportions. Discarded PET containers end up as a nature polluting mountains of plastic and it takes 300-500 years for a PET bottle to degrade. This created an urgent need for waste reprocessing solutions (recycling). Rise in environmental awareness created an added potential for pro-ecological products like eco-anchors SADDAR® produced from recycled PET containers.

Our products aren’t only aimed at fulfilling expectation of our clients but also reflect our responsibilities and concerns for the environment. Our production processes are optimized for the lowest carbon and ecological footprint.

An enterprise with a conscience views its operations not only in the perspective of its own interests but also of its environment. Businesses must recognize the need for the monitor of the changing environment and adapt their operations to the current wilder requirements. Among all of the economic factors SADDAR choose to focus on the natural environment. Respect for the natural environment is a part of our mission.
Degradation of the environment is among the key problems of today's society. It is becoming one of the greatest problems for us and for the future generations. This brings about serious ethical challenges for each of us. The European Union imposes directives obliging member states to implement rational and disciplined waste management policies to avoid destruction of the environment. And, once again, it’s worth remembering that one PET container degrades only after hundreds of years!

Aside of the manufacturing process itself recycling of PET also involves:

  • Awareness of the adverse effects of the inaction in the field of the environment.
  • Appreciation of the importance of the environment for the life and health of the future generations.

Those reasons opened new and exciting possibilities for our products – Eco-anchors manufactured from the recycled PET bottles. In short, our aim is to deliver excellent ecological product which contributes to the protection of the environment and, at the same time, ensure customer’s satisfaction for a long, long time.