Ecological Technology
Ecological technology

"We have developed and implemented into production an original project of a global scale – A system of ecological composite fence posts spikes based on a proprietary design and innovative idea of using fiber glass reinforced PET composite in the production of our products. We successfully compete with traditional producers on quality and innovation of our products in order to achieve a leading position in the industry.
We developed and put into production manufacturing technology of PET composite modified with few chemical components and reinforced with glass fiber. This material – Crystalized PET has heightened shock resistance, rigidity and shearing strength."

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Our innovative solutions:



Scheme for the reimbursement
of costs of  the raw materials upon returning of used anchors to the manufacturer.


Socket’s screw holes reinforced with additional material.


Prevents accumulation of  the  impact stresses at the bottom of  the  spike's socket and directs impacts towards the special elements which cushion the blows and  ransfer stresses to  the thickened sections of spike's blade.

High Resistance

Bending to the side won’t destroy the anchor and it might even return to its previous shape.


warranty of anchor’s immunity from water, frost and snow.

Regional operational program of the Masovian Region

Project title: Innovatory range of original Saddar Eco-anchors with various specifications and applications

Beneficiary Name: P.H.U SADDAR Dariusz Sadowiński
Project Value: 5 956 017,60 zł
Subvention Value: 3 361 734,00 zł
Implementation Period: 01.09.2016 r.- 30.09.2018 r.

Project co-founded by the EU from the European Regional Development Fund

The main objectives accomplished by the SADDAR project are industrial and developmental works that define innovatory range of original products with various specifications and applications. The project will be carried out in cooperation with the Research Unit responsible for the research and development of mix-polymer components including renewable plant-based products. Based on the results submitted the proposer will further work on the development of the new production technologies of the product. The results will allow to prepare demonstration line of the extruder and the forms used for injection molding machines. As a part of the work the following eco anchor systems will be created: with teeth spike system, for wooden posts, for installing terraces, for attaching round posts for net fencing, for street and road pole installed in concrete. Other additional elements include patterns and test products of standard or groove cans and cans with different hole spacing, which is distinguished from the standard 2-screw mounting. It allows the customer to choose between several mounting options as well as the use of reinforced montage. Those new designed solutions will allow for an increased range of use for eco-anchors products. Due to innovative solutions the applications for legal protection will be submitted. Our company is the precursor in the EU when it comes to the use of polymer composites for the production of eco anchors, which are much more environment friendly than products made of metal, and also our products possess better technical parameters. The need to implement new solutions is associated with the necessity to search for new forms of application of our products. We strive to meet the expectations and needs of our clients, also on the manufacture level of the materials that will be more resistant to weather conditions, more durable, and stronger and less abrasive.